Obviously I didn’t invent the plank.
Jay-Z’s line in "Gotta Have It," “I wish I could give you this feeling, I’m planking on a million,” has always stuck with me as a catch phrase.
At a high level this translates to “check this out.”
“Check this out” - is what we are all saying every time we post anything on Instagram (or anywhere online).
Hey check out my meal, my vacation, this song, my outfit. Check me out!!!
It’s a bid for attention. No shade to that, nothing wrong with it at all. Attention is something we all have always sought out long before social media.
Planking is slam dunk on any other sort of bid for attention.
It’s hilarious. I think it’s fart level funny. It is funny just because it is... And the more inappropriate the setting, the funnier the plank (or fart). This is my truth that nobody can take away from me.
Planking has no regard for aesthetics. You are literally face firmly planted into the ground.
I take great inspiration from wheres Waldo, iSpy and such books and imagery designed to be inspected.
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